Who are we

My name is saida, I am a young woman from the atlas Mountains of morocco.
I stopped my studies at a young age because of our tradition, ever since I never ceased seeking a way to enhance my life and evolve because there was no way to live like my mother and other berber women.

I started working from my familly house receiving tourists and sharing with them my culture and traditions, I did my best to learn how to speak franch and english on my onwn using dictionnaires and trying to communicate with my friend who have always been on my side and gave me the motivation to move forwad.
So Welcome to have authentic experience with my familly and discover the real morocco and to live the family moment et découverte le vrai Maroc

Our tours

4x4 excursions at @saidaberberhouse

Unique day with a berber family in the atlas mountains, we will pass you through the agafay desert and the lala takrkoust dam and directly in the middle of the berber villages until you arrive at saidaberberhouse. An hour and a half Saida drive from Marrakech, arrives at the berber house 11:00 a.m., SaidaWe start for a little tea break With berber cookies for explain the program, and visit my house to see the traditional kitchen and animals and after at 11:30 am we start for a walk in the village and we have an hour and a half to go and return to visit the old houses and traditional mill for olive oil and (if you like to visit the weave rug) and then return by different path in the middle of the olive trees for lunch at the Berber house at 14:00 p.m. After return to Marrakech by different marigha asni road it takes an hour and half

Pottery activity

After your arrival, we propose a tea break followed by a visit to the Berber house. Afterwards, our driver will take you back to the pottery village, where you'll begin a pottery class with the local village people, and enjoy the authentic experience of touching the clay and discovering this activity (lasting one hour in total). Immediately afterwards, you return to the house for a Moroccan lunch and then begin a walk around the village to visit ancient houses, the traditional olive oil mill and the Berber women's rug-making workshop before returning to the house. This walk takes an hour and a half each way. Immediately afterwards, the driver awaits you for your return to Marrakech. We also offer the possibility of organizing a camel and quad ride in the agafay desert before arriving at saidaberberhouse We can provide mules for children to take them up to the village. We also suggest a visit to the local market (souk) before arriving at saidaberberhouse which is available on the following days: Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Cooking classes at a Berber family home

An hour and a half drive by car from Marrakech to arrive at saidaberberhouse to prepare a traditional meal with the Berber family, arriving around 10:30 at our home, we start to prepare a traditional Berber meal and show you how to prepare Moroccan mint tea according to Moroccan Berber customs, and also see how to make traditional bread in the oven before visiting our home. Afterwards, we'll take an hour and a half's walk to visit our Berber village, meet the locals and visit the old traditional olive oil mill, explaining how it used to work, and visit the Berber women who make traditional handmade carpets before returning home, place for lunch which will already be ready to eat. After lunch, our driver will take you back to Marrakech by a different route, returning around 5.30pm. 

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